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Can I list cars older than 3 years on CARET?
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Yes, we allow vehicles older than 3 years, but we recommend that the age of the vehicle should not exceed 5 years, and the mileage should not exceed 80,000. km.

If I cancel a sale, am I responsible for any costs?
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Transactions are legally binding. The costs for cancellation are outlined in Appendix No. 1 of the Terms and Conditions.

In what currency do we settle?
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Settlements are made in the currency of the transaction country. For example, in Poland in PLN, in France in Euros (€).

Is CARET free, or are there any costs that appear later?
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Registration on the CARET site is free, as is adding offers and demands.

Additional fees may apply for intermediary services in purchasing and for vehicle storage.

Is there a contract confirming the order?
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Acceptance of the order by the Seller is equivalent to entering into a legally binding agreement.

To which company will I issue the invoice? What about VAT?
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Transactions are usually made with a domestic company; invoices are issued in the local currency and with the VAT applicable in that country. For intra-EU transactions, the VAT rate is 0%.

What is the average payment term?
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Payment terms can vary depending on the customer and the type of payment (deposit, full payment).

Where can I find the terms and conditions?
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The CARET terms and conditions are available during registration. After accepting and logging in, you can find them by clicking the profile icon.

Who covers the costs of transport damages?
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The transport company is responsible for any damages incurred during transportation.

Who organizes the transport?
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CARET is responsible for organizing the transport, but the Buyer bears the cost of transportation.

Why do I need to provide a bank account number during registration?
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A bank account number is necessary to conduct transactions and ensures security for all parties involved.

Will I receive a notification about the order execution?
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Yes, you will receive notifications at every stage of the order.

Will I receive information about each step to complete the transaction?
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Yes, the process is simple and intuitive, and the current status of the transaction is available in the ‘Order Summary’ tab.

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