New features on the CARET platform   

Anna Celmer
Content Specialist

CARET has made a major update to its platform on profit margins, selection of the best deals and improved usability. CARET, Europe’s leading B2B automotive marketplace, today announced a significant update to its platform that enables customers to make more informed purchasing decisions, maximise profits and streamline their car purchases. 

Profit margins: a radical shift in profitability! 
CARET introduces a revolutionary Power Margin feature, giving customers a transparent view of the potential profit margin for each vehicle. This unique feature uses market data to calculate the difference between the purchase price and potential sale price, giving customers the edge in identifying the most lucrative deals. 

Discover the best deals with ease! 
The all-new ‘Search’ page simplifies the process of finding the most lucrative car deals. Customers can easily browse a curated selection of vehicles sorted by highest potential profit margin, ensuring they get the most out of every purchase. 

Improved ergonomics for an intuitive user experience! 
CARET has redesigned its platform with an emphasis on intuitive navigation and simplified access to information. The simplified interface, combined with powerful search filters, allows customers to quickly locate vehicles that match their specific needs. 

‘CARET provides customers with the tools and information they need to succeed in the dynamic automotive marketplace,’ said Damian Ciesielczyk, CEO of CARET. ‘This latest update demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing an unparalleled B2B automotive experience. ‘ 

CARET is the leading B2B automotive platform in Europe, connecting more than 700 trusted suppliers with an extensive network of customers. With the region’s largest car database and suite of advanced tools, CARET facilitates seamless transactions and maximises profitability for its customers. 

Anna Celmer
Content Specialist
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