How to build credibility in selling on the European platform step by step? 

Did you know that credibility is one of the most important aspects of building relationships with customers in sales? Although this is not a one-time action, but a process spread over time, we will show you that just 15 minutes a day is enough to create a trustworthy image of your company. Thanks to us, you will easily and quickly acquire the right range of customers on the European market. Read the article below and be sure to implement the changes and habits we write about. Just log in to the system once a day and you will increase your chances of selling throughout the European Union. 

The 5 most important benefits of a well-prepared sales offer! 

A well-prepared sales offer is the company’s showcase. To understand how important it is to prepare it properly, we have distinguished the 5 most important benefits resulting from its reliable presentation. 

What does a well-prepared offer give you: 

  1. helps build and maintain the image of a reliable contractor 
  1. helps to gain customer loyalty and build lasting relationships with them 
  1. sets you apart from the competition 
  1. saves time 
  1. increases the chances of selling 

To sum up, a well-prepared sales offer not only increases the chances of closing a transaction, but also helps establish positive relationships with a potential contractor and prepares the ground for future business opportunities. By creating an up-to-date and well-completed offer, you provide the necessary information, making the most of both your time and the potential buyer’s time. 

 How to prepare compelling offers to attract contractors on the CARET platform?

rove to your contractors that you stand out from the competition because you understand their needs and  earning their trust. To achieve this, adhere to the following key rules when creating offers in the CARET system: 

There are two types of offer creation on the CARET platform: 

  • creating offers for new cars 
  • creating offers for used cars 

the right price list – it is very important to choose the most appropriate price list from the list, which includes the list price consistent with your car. This is important because the correct price list will automatically add the appropriate equipment for a given car model. 

additional options – in order to properly describe the offer, you must carefully indicate in the system the additional equipment that the car has beyond the standard one. Approaching this part of the offer description carefully is of great importance. If we omit an element of equipment that is an important component of the price, the contractor may misunderstand our offer. 

“available from” offer – i.e. real and safe availability. Provide real availability of the car. Lack of availability of the car after purchase may result in you losing a contractor in this and subsequent transactions. 

“valid until” offer – if your offer has a specific validity, be sure to indicate its expiry date. 

price – stay up to date with the market situation, check rates and use the offer comparator or ask a Caret representative who will provide you with tips and help you set the sales price. 

Preparing offers for used cars requires paying attention to the following points: 

current photos – add current photos of a given model and make sure it reflects all equipment elements, possible defects, color, etc. 

description of damage – list all defects and damage to the car for sale. Remember, do it as if you were the recipient of this offer yourself. 

equipment – as in the case of new cars, we select all key equipment options that can increase the value of the car. 

correct mileage – here, in addition to the actual mileage, you can also add the predicted mileage. It’s always better to quote a higher mileage than to underestimate it. 

price – if you describe your offer well, you have a chance to sell the car without having to negotiate the price. Remember, if you don’t know what price to enter, a Caret representative will help you.

What should you pay special attention to when issuing offers for both new and used cars? 

REGISTRATION DATE – the year of production of the car itself is not decisive, you should also indicate when the car was registered. This matters for the warranty period. 

WARRANTY – depending on the manufacturer, new cars are covered by different warranty service periods. Therefore, it is important to correctly indicate what warranty covers the car we are offering for sale. In the case of used cars, it is necessary to indicate whether the manufacturer’s warranty is still valid and to what extent. 

CO2 EMISSIONS – this point is especially important for the French market. This is due to the very high taxes for CO2 emissions/km in this country, which the buyer must pay p upon purchase. 

 Remember only 3 steps, 1 login and 15 minutes a day in CARET! 

UPDATE – if any data from the offer in the system has changed, e.g. price or availability, update it. Keeping an eye on these updates builds user credibility, confidence and trust. 

DELETING OFFERS – if the offer is no longer available, e.g. when you sell your car, remove it from the system. 

CHECKING YOUR MESSENGER – thanks to the platform’s functionality, reading and replying to messages is very easy. Instead of countless unorganized emails and spreadsheets, you have everything organized, use it! 

Follow these rules and you can build sales credibility with a good offer and increase your likelihood of acquiring customers. 

Building trust is an extremely important task in business. B2B companies that gain trust among their partners – customers and potential customers – will be able to count on an increased level of commitment, loyalty and support. Customers who trust us are more likely to use our services and recommend the company to others. This is especially visible in the example of the B2B2C model. A B2B client who trusts that we are a reliable contractor forwards our offer to a B2C client, who is ready to pay a higher price, but from a trusted supplier

– says Iwona Kołaczyk, Sales Manager Caret.

If you still need guidance, our team is always ready to help you. 


Article written by
Anna Celmer
Content Specialist
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