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Transform the way you list vehicles with CARET’s Quick Listing.

Our innovative Drivepedia feature streamlines the process: simply input the car’s brand, model, year, and engine, and Drivepedia proposes detailed specifications for you.

With thousands of specifications from nearly every country, brand, and model, creating listings becomes a swift, effortless task.

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    Effortless Specification Input

    Say goodbye to manual data entry for each listing. Drivepedia’s comprehensive database auto-fills the majority of the specifications, reducing your effort and minimizing errors.

  2. 2
    Time-Saving Efficiency

    In a fast-paced market, time is invaluable. Our system, powered by Drivepedia, allows you to list your cars in just a fraction of the time it usually takes. This efficiency frees you up to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

  3. 3
    Rich Detailing in Listings

    Provide potential buyers with all the information they need. Drivepedia ensures your listings are detailed and complete, making them more attractive and informative for buyers.

Quick Listing with CARET and Drivepedia is not just about saving time; it’s about enhancing the quality and effectiveness of your listings. By simplifying the process of listing specifications and ensuring rich, uniform details, we help you sell more.

The smart way to trade cars in Europe

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“As a frequent buyer in the European automotive market, operating primarily in France, CARET has revolutionized the way we do business. The platform’s ability to connect us with a diverse range of vehicles from across Europe has increased our turnover, enabling us to source exactly what our market demands. One of the standout features for us is CARET’s response to our buying demands: it not only presents a list of cars that match our criteria from all over Europe but also intelligently shows us the closest matches, clearly marking any missing equipment or differences. This detailed comparison is invaluable, making it far easier to decide on potential purchases and communicate effectively with our clients. What’s also beneficial is how all transactions, regardless of the seller’s location, are conducted in our local currency, simplifying the financial process immensely. Not to mention that all the communication is run in our language.The assurance of compliance and security in every deal has given us the confidence to expand our offerings, and CARET’s seamless handling of cross-European transactions has been instrumental in improving our margins. For us, CARET is more than a platform; it’s a key strategy for growth and profitability in a competitive landscape”

Alexis Padioleau
Qarson, France


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