October 2023
03 - 05

DEMAND – a feature in CARET that automatically compares cars with other markets in Europe

Comparing and analysing offers is a time-consuming task. In addition, we constantly have to visit sales platforms to find out whether the car we are listing will meet with interest. When listing an offer from our portfolio, we often incur listing fees. Once we have done this, we patiently wait for interest in our product. However, by doing this, we do not know whether we will hit the mark with the potential customer.

With CARET, added offers automatically integrate with the needs of potential buyers, and the system notifies us of this. However, this is not the end of the platform’s sales prospecting capabilities. If you want to see what your customers’ specific purchasing needs are, you can do so using the DEMAND function.

🔥 What is DEMAND and how to use it?
To understand how to use DEMAND, we need to answer the question: why does a French, Belgian or German contractor issue a demand in CARET? The demand for a car with standard equipment gives him the opportunity to quickly find all cars with similar equipment on the European market.

In CARET we have cars from Eastern Europe, whose names and equipment differ from those of Western European cars. The system compares the requests made on the buyer side by the western partners with the offers that appear on the platform and indicates the additional equipment or lack thereof in comparison with the equipment version found on the buyer’s market.

In this way, you increase your chances of selling cars not only in the Polish market, but also abroad, right from the planning stage of your stock structure.

🔥 Watch the video below to learn more about how to use the market need in the Caret system. In it, Sylwia has prepared a short tutorial and shows you how to respond to the DEMAND by creating a sales offer.

Speaker 1
Sylwia Tarnowska
Sales Manager
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