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Blog #Buying & Selling Tips 5 min read
Market price increases in the automotive industry – CARET guides how to navigate the situation?

The prices of new cars have been a hot topic in recent years, causing significant concerns among both customers and sellers. Experts from CARET have compiled an annual report that includes a detailed comparison of prices for several hundred car models with the same engines and similar equipment versions. Based on this, short reports have […]

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Blog #Buying & Selling Tips 10 min read
The phases of the life cycle of a fleet car – when is the ideal time to sell a car and how to do it profitably? 

Fleet cars constitute a significant element of the operation of almost every business. Choosing the right vehicles for specific tasks marks the beginning of the life cycle of a fleet car. Explore the various stages of a car’s use and determine the most advantageous time to sell a vehicle retired from service in the business.  […]

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Blog #Buying & Selling Tips 7 min read
How to build credibility in selling on the European platform step by step? 

Did you know that credibility is one of the most important aspects of building relationships with customers in sales? Although this is not a one-time action, but a process spread over time, we will show you that just 15 minutes a day is enough to create a trustworthy image of your company. Thanks to us, […]

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The smart way to trade cars in Europe

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